Financial Reports

UMT's financial reports provide all shareholders and interested persons with a complete picture of the company's business position. We aim for high transparency by providing extensive information.



  Half-year report 2017 of UMT Group


  Annual report 2016 of UMT Group
  Financial statements 2016 of UMT AG
  Half-yearly financial report 2016
  Consolidated semi-annual financial statements 2016


Further Financial Reports can be found here


  Annual financial report 2015
  Half-yearly financial report 2015


  Annual financial report 2014
  Half-yearly financial report 2014



  2013 Financial Statements
  Interim Financial Statements for 30 June 2013 (DE)



  2012 Financial Statements, including auditor's opinion (DE)
  Interim Report for 30 June 2012 (DE)



  2011 Financial Statements, including auditor's opinion (DE)


2009 & 2010

Note: The financial statements for the Financial Years 2009 and 2010 can be compared only to a limited extent with the financial statements for Financial Year 2011 and future years, since they relate to the legal predecessor of UMT United Mobility Technology AG, Leipziger Solarpark AG. At the annual meetingof 30 September 2011, a resolution was unilaterally adopted to conduct a strategic realignment for the company, including changing the company's name to UMT United Mobility Technology AG and altering the corporate purpose. As a result, present business activities deviate substantially from those to which the financial statements for 2009 and 2010 relate.

  2010 financial statements, including auditor's opinion (DE)
  2009 financial statements, including auditor's opinion (DE)

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