Over 14 million users in Germany

at 71,000 connected cash desks

and around 16,000 branches

The innovative LOYAL App by UMT AG is now available in the app stores!

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UMT’s disruptive meta-app, provides customers even more overview, freedom and flexibility in the selection of their favorite voucher and bonus programs. You can expect so much from the recently introduced LOYAL app. App users do not need extensive searches for the best deals, offers and matching coupons. No matter what LOYAL users are interested in shopping, such as the latest fashion trends, the latest chart hits or the best hotels, they will be rewarded immediately.

Depending on the preferences, LOYAL can be adapted to the different interests and needs of the users and they can at the same time collect loyalty points for attractive bonuses and flight miles for the next holiday as well as take advantage of cash-back offers - even across all providers. Due to the customizable LOYAL user interface, the cheapest offer or the matching coupon is always available for the next holiday, music or shopping experience. By intelligently linking present payment solutions as well as credit card payments, LOYAL offers a central app for all situations. This provides even more flexibility at the checkout and on the Internet - easy, fast and secure.

Mobile Payment

Easy, secure and fast payment with UMT’s Mobile Payment Technology!

UMT implements individual Mobile Payment Solutions in existing or new applications. We offer our Mobile Payment Solutions for the Point of Sale, the E-Commerce and other channels like In-App, OTA, Print and P2P.

UMT Platform - Mobile Payment

Benefits at a glance:

  • Increase sales by expanding the sales channels and optimizing the use of existing purchasing impulses
  • Easy, fast and cost-effective integration
  • All common transmission technologies, e.g. QR and barcode, NFC and Bluetooth are being used
  • Compatible with all operating systems (iOS, Android and Windows)
  • Secure coding / encryption ensures first-class security

Mobile Wallet

The Smartphone becomes a digital Wallet.

You can offer your users different payment methods (Direct Debit, Credit Card, PayPal, etc.) or Loyalty Cards in one digital Wallet. Our technology makes it possible in a very simple and easy way!

UMT Platform - Mobile Wallet

Benefits at a glance:

  • Fast and cost-effective integration with existing IT infrastructure
  • Combination of mobile payment and individual customer loyalty programs
  • Optimal integration of digital customer cards, voucher offers and coupons
  • Faster checkout time due to user-friendly payment, loyalty and couponing processes
  • Various transmission technologies, eg QR and barcode / NFC / Bluetooth can be used

Loyalty / Bonus programs

Bind customers to your company on a long-term basis.

UMT offers customized digital customer loyalty programs. Create your own bonus program with our know-how or connect your already existing program to our platform. Use the knowledge of UMT’s experts to give your customers the opportunity of a fast and reliable combination of loyalty, coupons and mobile payment.

UMT Platform - Loyalty Programs

Benefits at a glance:

  • Increase sales through target group-specific marketing
  • Long-term customer loyalty through individualized customer loyalty programs
  • Quick and cost-effective integration of new and existing bonus programs into your own app
  • Mobile payments as well as activating and collecting points in one step
  • Reporting - UMT provides specific customer analyses

Data Analytics

Know your own customers and address them specifically!

Data analysis and the resulting information brings competitive advantages for more effective marketing and resulting in higher sales. For this purpose, UMT offers automated and individualized reporting and targeted data evaluations.

UMT Platform - Mobile Wallet

Benefits at a glance:

  • Less scattering losses due to targeted customer approach
  • Long-term growth through more effective marketing
  • Reports include all transaction details regarding branch, time, amount and payment
  • System automatically informs when problems occur
  • UMT offers 24/7 service hotline


UMT United Mobility Technology AG ("UMT") is launching its revolutionary Loyalty-App: LOYAL will be available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for iOS and Android operating systems from 19 August 2019.

With the LOYAL-Meta-App, UMT opens a new chapter in the company's history. In the future, the LOYAL-App will offer its users more overview, freedom, flexibility and more discounts, rewards or cash back when selecting their favorite voucher and incentive programs ("loyalty"). And all this in connection with mobile payment at the checkout, by credit card or with crypto currencies. 

For LOYAL users, tedious searching for the best deals, offers and matching coupons is a thing of the past, because LOYAL knows which merchants and shops grant special discounts with certain payment providers and which means of payment offer advantages when shopping. No matter what LOYAL users are interested in when shopping, the latest fashion trends, the latest chart hits or the best hotels, they will be rewarded immediately. LOYAL users can collect loyalty points for attractive rewards and airline miles for their next holiday or take advantage of cashback offers from other providers. The completely customizable LOYAL user interface ensures that the cheapest offer or coupon is always available for the next holiday, music or shopping experience.

Who knows that your favourite sports house offers a 20% discount just because you use a certain credit card? Or that one of the biggest online mail order companies pays back € 10 if you choose a certain digital payment method at checkout? And that a holiday at one of the largest travel portals is 3% cheaper if you have an account with a certain financial institution?

LOYAL offers a central App for all situations by intelligently linking existing payment solutions such as Apple Pay, Google Pay and Alipay as well as payments by credit card or crypto currencies. This provides even more flexibility at the checkout and on the Internet –simply, quickly and securely. And this is because the development of the App places the highest demands on security standards and data protection.

Dr. Juergen Schulz, CTO of UMT, explains: "LOYAL is the revolutionary savings-search-engine that starts with payment across all providers. LOYAL tirelessly finds the most attractive shopping advantages for its users: special offers, discounts, savings tips, bonus programs, vouchers, deals and cashbacks. LOYAL therefore knows which merchants and shops advertise with special bargains and which of the deposited means of payment therefore offer LOYAL users direct advantages when shopping. And the LOYAL-App already displays the offers to the user - clearly sorted according to personal preferences and interests. And that works both in the shop and online. LOYAL has the overview and so does the user".

With LOYAL, UMT is consistently pursuing its strategy of digitally interlocking cashless payments, loyalty programs and current deals - beyond pure mobile payment. 

"In the future, we will benefit not only from our installed and market-proven technology on the merchant side, but also on the other side of the POS system: from the user of our LOYAL-App. LOYAL thus puts our business model on a broader basis and paves the way for further growth," says Dr. Albert Wahl, CEO of UMT AG.

Learn more about LOYAL here or directly on our LOYAL website at loyalapp.de.

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About UMT AG:

UMT United Mobility Technology AG is a FinTech company specialising in the development and implementation of customised mobile payment and blockchain solutions, particularly for major customers. As a white label technology provider, the Company operates, amongst others, one of the largest mobile payment platforms in Europe. UMT acts as a central interface between all relevant parties such as large retail chains, banks, bonus programme providers and end consumers. UMT's technology is in live operation at around 16,000 branches and 71,000 checkouts. In Germany alone, over 14 million users can use UMT's mobile payment technology. In addition, UMT offers its customers services in the area of customer loyalty programs and smart data along the entire value chain. With the innovative LOYAL-App, UMT offers its users an efficient way to use loyalty programs and a modern mobile payment solution.

The UMT United Mobility Technology AG share (GSIN A2YN70, ISIN DE000A2YN702) is traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and is listed on the Basic Board of Deutsche Boerse AG.

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