The Management Board of UMT United Mobility Technology AG (German Securities ID: 528610, ISIN: DE0005286108) resolved today, with the approval of the Supervisory Board, to increase its capital stock from authorized capital by up to EUR 1,098,501.00 by issuing up to 1,098,501 new no-par-value bearer shares, with a share in capital stock of EUR 1.00 per share (the "New Shares"), in exchange for cash contributions. As a result, the capital stock will be increased from the present amount of EUR 14,789,550 to as high as EUR 15,888,051. The New Shares will be offered to a limited circle of selected investors by way of an expedited placement procedure at an issue price of EUR 1.25 per share and will share fully in profits as of 1 January 2015. The Management Board, with the consent of the Supervisory Board, has excluded shareholder subscription rights to these New Shares. The exclusion of subscription rights was possible because the capital increase comprises less than ten percent of the present capital stock. UMT United Mobility Technology AG plans to use the proceeds from the capital increase in order to be prepared for investment opportunities which may present themselves and which will successfully reinforce the current business strategy. The placement will begin today, on 30 April 2015, and is expected to be completed on 4 May 2015. SWM Treuhand AG Wirtschaftspr├╝fungsgesellschaft, Gr├╝nwald, intends to take a substantial part in the capital increase, as the largest single shareholder.


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