UMT United Mobility Technology AG (German Securities ID: 528610, ISIN: DE0005286108) could generate a significant growth last year. Today’s announced preliminary figures for fiscal year 2015 show a revenue increase of TEUR 1,889 to TEUR 3,039, compared to TEUR 1,150 in the same period of last year. Its operating profit in 2015, i.e. earnings after depreciation and before interest and taxes (EBIT), amounted to TEUR 619 (previous year: TEUR 100). Earnings before taxes (EBT) amounted to TEUR 951 (previous year: TEUR 133). The company closed the year with a net income of TEUR 951 (previous year: TEUR 121), resulting in earnings per share (EPS) of EUR 0.06 (previous year: EUR 0.01).

The balance sheet of UMT United Mobility Technology AG remains strong and improved once again over the past fiscal year. The company’s equity increased by TEUR 2.502 to TEUR 16.082 (previous year: TEUR 13.580); the equity ratio improved by 2.5 percentage points to 87.6% (previous year: 85.1%).

The figures announced in this corporate news are preliminary and unaudited. UMT United Mobility Technology AG will publish the final figures for the fiscal year 2015 and will give an outlook for 2016 in its complete 2015 annual report on April 29, 2016.


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