iPAYst the mobile payment solution of UMT United Mobility Technology AG (WKN 528610, ISIN DE0005286108) from now on offers with the integrated Air Payment Function another payment method within their app. With this innovative payment solution the UMT AG expands their service spectrum within the mobile payment segment.

The iPAYst Air Payment Function enables retailers to speed up and ease their billing process. The retailer can from now on send the invoice amount to the customer with only one click. The process is enabled through the Apple iBeacon technology which is based on Bluetooth-Low-Energy (BLE).

A connection is established with the respective PoS (Point-of-Sale) Device of the retailer and the iPAYst app of the user. The payment via the smartphone app and the BLE connection also works without an internet connection. The energy saving technology works, compared to the NFC (Near-Field-Communication), also over larger distances and in either direction. This adds an enormous value to the stationary retail sector and bigger restaurants.

Particularly worth mentioning is the integrated tipping function integrated in the iPAYst app, where the guest can deposit the tip after he received the amount invoiced directly in the app. “Due to the ongoing technical development of the Mobile Payment App, we do not only provide a faster and easier usability for retailers, but also for the users”, says Robert Schmiedler, CTO of UMT United Mobility Technology AG.

“The Air Payment Function creates immediate time savings for the retailers and therefore long-term cost savings. Retailers choosing iPAYst provide an enhanced service for their customers. We expect a very good response from the market”, explains Dr. Albert Wahl, CEO of the UMT United Mobility Technology AG.


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