Since January 1st, Mr. Erik Nagel is responsible as CMO for the Business Development of the UMT AG and Mr. Ingo Nix will lead Head the capital markets.

The UMT United Mobility Technology AG (WKN 528610, ISIN DE0005286108), has extended in the course of the expansion their expertise of its business in the business development, as well as in the financial sector. Mr. Erik Nagel and Mr. Ingo Nix reinforce the CEO leadership team of Mr. Dr. Albert Wahl and CTO Mr. Robert Schmiedler. Mr. Erik Nagel will take over the further development of UMT AG in the financial services segment, as well as the coordination of various sales and marketing activities of the company at the group level. Mr. Ingo Nix will reinforce the Capital Markets with his extensive knowledge and sales with its extensive network.

Mr. Erik Nagel can look back on more than 20 years of professional experience. After successful years in business consulting and the Deutsche Bank's Inhouse Consulting, Mr. Erik Nagel, a graduate of the European business school, was responsible as a Board Member for participation of WestLB and subsequently as head of the banking and insurance business of Sal. Oppenheim Investment Banking and Collineo Asset Management. Due to his family background in the textile retail, Mr. Nagel is familiar in addition with the retail sector and has excellent and far-reaching Trade contacts at home and abroad.

"In particular, his expertise in the important fields of sales and marketing, as well as financial services distinguishes Mr. Erik Nagel, coupled with a high entrepreneurial commitment. We are pleased, that he is on-board and he will further advance together with us the UMT AG and our Sales - Accelerator - mobile payment platform iPAYst", says Dr. Albert Wahl, CEO of UMT United Mobility Technology AG.

Mr. Nix started his career in 1991 at J.P. Morgan. Over the last 23 years, he worked for international financial institutions such as UBS, Deutsche Bank and renowned asset managers. During this time he was responsible for various positions in the investment banking, private wealth management and asset management. Mr. Nix is known for being a stock expert with passion in the small & mid-cap market, capital market expert and contact partner.

"I've never seen such passion for the stock market in my professional life before. We are fortunate, that Mr. Nix brings his experience and his large network for the sake of the UMT AG", says CEO Dr. Albert Wahl.


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