UMT United Mobility Technology AG (German Securities ID: 528610, ISIN: DE0005286108) is pushing forward on the launch of delinski, Austria's most popular smart table booking platform, in the German market. Given the large potential and strong acceptance of the digital last-minute restaurant reservation system, UMT United Technology AG sees very strong opportunities for success and will therefore be supporting the Vienna-based Delinski AG in its roll-out in Munich. Roll-outs in other German cities, such as Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Berlin, will follow soon.

"Because of our international strategic orientation, we are very well-positioned to place delinski not only domestically, in Germany, but internationally as well. Our investment in Delinski GmbH also gives us access to a large number of new points of acceptance for our mobile payment solution, iPAYst," said Albert Wahl, CEO of UMT United Mobility Technology AG.

The goal of both UMT United Technology AG and Delinski AG is to expand throughout Europe. To this end, a roll-out in Athens is planned by mid-October of this year, as part of a conventional franchise system. There is also to be a roll-out in Italy, focusing on the cities of Milan and Rome, at the end of the year. Plans also call for continued expansion abroad, in the direction of Turkey and Poland, i.e. Warsaw.

"We are very pleased by the strong interest which restaurants have displayed in our concept. Our platform allows restaurants to maintain constant booking levels and boost revenues while savings patrons up to 30% on their overall bill. A clear win-win situation for both sides, with a sustainable success factor," explained Paco Matzinger, holder of commercial power of attorney and co-founder of Delinski GmbH.


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