UMT United Mobility Technology AG (German Securities ID: 528610, ISIN: DE0005286108), an international company specializing in mobile technology solutions, has published its financial statements for 2014.

UMT United Mobililty Technology AG posted gross earnings of TEUR 1,278 in 2014, compared to TEUR 1,304 in the same period of last year. Its operating profit in 2015, i.e. earnings after depreciation and before interest and taxes (EBIT), amounted to TEUR 100 in the reporting period (year before: TEUR 527). Earnings before taxes (EBT) amounted to TEUR 133 (year before: TEUR 486). The company closed the year with a net income of TEUR 121 (year before: TEUR 478), resulting in earnings per share (EPS) of EUR 0.01 (year before: EUR 0.04). With TEUR 15,955 in total assets as of 31 December 2014 (year before: TEUR 13,134), shareholders' equity amounted to TEUR 13,580 (year before: TEUR 10,885). This corresponds to a solid equity ratio of 85.1 percent as of the reporting date (year before: 82.9 percent).

UMT United Mobility Technology AG placed its focus in 2014 on establishing the iPAYst product and on optimizing and positioning its mobile payment and sales enabling platform within the framework of white labeling. With its "open loop solution," the company specializes in full-service coverage for individual vendor needs in the areas of mobile payment and loyalty. The iPAYst application was positioned primarily in the restaurant and e-commerce sectors. Points of acceptance for the iPAYst mobile payment solution were created in 2014 not only in Germany, but in Italy as well, through UMS Italia S.R.L. In addition, the foundation for operations in Spain with Mobile Payment System Espana S.L. is nearly completed.  Another focus in 2014 was extending the company's portfolio of investments. To this end, the subsidiary iPAYst LLC was formed in Riga at the start of the year 2014 and a minority stake in Vienna-based delinski GmbH was acquired in March 2014. UMT United Mobility Technology AG gained access to the Turkish market in April 2014 on the strength of a joint venture with Ketchup, an Istanbul-based advertising and marketing agency which is well-known internationally. By means of this relationship, an agreement has been concluded through UMT Turkey Mobil Anonim Sirketi with the shopping center operator Zorlu for licensing of the mobile payment platform. 

The conclusion of an agreement in November 2014 with Germany's leading provider of customer loyalty programs created a very strong order situation for UMT United Mobility Technology AG with respect to the further positioning of its payment technology within the framework of a license agreement. This agreement significantly extended the company's reach and the name recognition of the UMT payment platform on a national and international level.

For the remainder of Financial Year 2015, UMT United Mobility Technology AG will focus on operational execution of new and existing orders.

An additional focus will be continuing to position its mobile payment and sales enabling platform as the standard technology with the help of multipliers, primarily as a white label solution, and establishing the iPAYst product in the e-commerce segment. Also of key importance are additional loyalty features, which allow vendors to optimize communications with their customers and strengthen customer loyalty accordingly. Consulting services with conceptual support in the area of mobile payment and loyalty will also be offered as an additional component of the licensing model, as well as to generate revenues in other business segments. In the context of its investments, UMT United Mobility Technology AG will continue to invest strategically in companies which can use its mobile payment solutions and therefore offer added value for the UMT payment platform.

In order to ensure full coverage of ongoing and future projects, additional strategic partnerships and relationships will be forged in the future and investments will be made all along the mobile technology value chain.

The 2014 financial statements of UMT United Mobility Technology AG are available on the company's website at


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