Mobile Payment System España S.L., subsidiary of German listed UMT United Mobility Technology AG (German Securities ID: 528610, ISIN: DE0005286108) and SEKS - Serial Entrepreneurship Knowledge Society S.L., establish a strategic partnership for the joint analysis and specific usage of Big Data. In order to specifically evaluate - and in a second step - to use consumer behaviour and lifestyle needs, UMT Group takes a preliminary 20% stake in SEKS - Serial Entrepreneurship Knowledge Society S.L., with an option to acquire a long-term majority. This data evaluation will allow UMT United Mobility Technology AG to generate essential turnover as well as to offer further innovative sales-process component to its wholesale and retail clients.

Big Data (video: and the going along benefits are of great importance to most companies. Thanks to encrypted consumer data and the corresponding analysis, corporates being connected to UMT’s Mobile Payment Platform can be efficiently supported for their advertisement and marketing activities.

“We are very excited about the huge potential of this new venture with SEKS and are convinced about the long-term positive effects it will have for our clients in the retail and e-commerce business, based on consumer habits and purchasing behaviour, therefore leading to sales growth”, says Erik Nagel, CMO of UMT United Mobility Technology AG.

Additionally a joint new application, called „living eXperience“ (video: will be offered to smartphone and tablet user. This app will be a combination of social networking, mobile payment - iPAYst inside -  and a user tool and will offer the customer access, by virtue of his network information, to individual offers and trends. Based on heuristic segmentation algorithms as well as mathematical and statistic programs. As a result, “living eXperience” will calculate target audience behaviour, which can be systematically and strategically used for marketing and sales purposes.


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