PAYBACK, Germany's leading bonus program, starts the next stage of its new app including mobile payment function. Following upon dm-drogerie markt and real,-, which have been offering mobile point collection and payment since June this year, the next major companies are now expanding their shopping options by app. Effective immediately, customers will also be able to use the app's PAY function at Alnatura, Aral and GALERIA Kaufhof stores. For the technology company UMT United Mobility Technology AG (German Securities ID: 528610, ISIN: DE0005286108), this is an important milestone on its way to securing the market leadership in Europe. After all, UMT's mobile payment technology is a centerpiece of the new PAYBACK app, which can now be used in even more places.

"We are very proud that our technology is a key element of the PAYBACK app, which has created additional added value for PAYBACK customers," said Dr. Albert Wahl, CEO of UMT AG. "This reference makes it entirely clear that our technology can be used on a very large platform with no problems. Based on our strong expertise in mobile payment, we can create lasting added value for our customers not only at the point of sale but online as well."

The people behind PAYBACK, the market leader in bonus programs, are also more than satisfied. "The app is one of the most popular applications in Germany, with 10 million downloads. Use of the PAY function has already exceeded our expectations. Now more than 28 million PAYBACK customers will be able to decide whether to continue collecting points as usual, with their plastic card, or whether they prefer to use the 'digital card' instead," said PAYBACK CEO Dominik Dommick. Customers can already collect points and activate coupons at all major partners.

Alnatura and GALERIA Kaufhof use the QR code as their technical solution, so do dm-drogerie markt and real,- markets. Aral uses a NFC solution. The amount due is paid by direct debit. However, neither PAYBACK nor the partners have access to the customer's banking information, and this information is not stored on the customer's smartphone. Rather, customer’s banking information is handled exclusively by a certified payment service provider. The data encryption meets military standards and each payment has to go through five levels of security before the transaction can take place.



PAYBACK is part of the American Express Group and a subsidiary of the management holding company Loyalty Partner GmbH. PAYBACK is the leading international multi-partner loyalty program and one of the biggest and most powerful marketing platforms in the world. In Germany, customers can collect points with PAYBACK at more than 650 companies that are relevant to everyday life and redeem them for vouchers, awards or Lufthansa miles, or donate them. In 2015, the value of the collected points was EUR 338 million, of which 95 percent were redeemed by customers. PAYBACK communicates synchronously through all channels – offline, online and mobile – and optimally combines reach with personalization, in-store sales and the digital world in the process. Companies have the option of running integrated campaigns through all available channels. Further information:


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