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UMT United Technology Mobility AG informs about the scheduled execution of the simplified capital reduction pursuant to ยงยง 229 et seq. of the German Stock Corporation Act (AktG) at a ratio of 10:1:

With the entry in the commercial register on 3 September 2019, the resolution of the Annual General Meeting on 19 August 2019 to reduce the share capital of UMT AG (ISIN DE0005286108) became effective. 

The conversion of the listing of the shares of UMT AG on the Basic Board of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange at a ratio of 10:1 will take place on Record Date October 1, 2019 (evening). The shares will be listed under the new ISIN DE000AZYN702 with a value date of 2 October 2019. 

The transaction will be handled exclusively by the custodian banks. Depending on the institution, the rebooking in the securities account may take several days.
If a shareholder holds a portfolio of shares that cannot be divided by 10, so-called partial rights (share fractions with ISIN DE000A2YN9T9) will be booked in. UMT AG recommends that shareholders whose holdings require fractions to be settled should place corresponding orders with their custodian bank for fractions to be settled at short notice. The respective custodian bank will provide the information and documents required for this purpose.

Capital Stock 2,353,356.00 EUR
Number of Shares 2,353,356.00 bearer shares at 1.00 EUR each
German Security Ident. Number A2YN70
Ticker Symbol UMD
Ticker Symbol Reuters UMD.DE
Ticker Symbol Bloomberg UMD:GR
Market Segment Open Market (Basic Board)
Applicant Small & Mid Cap Investmentbank AG
Designated Sponsors Oddo Seydler Bank AG,
FinTech Group Bank AG


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